447 McPherson Rd, Oil City, PA 16301

Phone +1 724-209-4162

Phone russell@linemanmx.com

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Welcome to Lineman MX

What do we do?

Russell Lineman MX Racing

Contact Us

If you are unable to reach us during normal business hours it is likely the track in the front yard is in perfect condition and our work is done early!


MX Push-up Bar

Send us pictures or video using the MX Push-up Bar! Currently the highest verified rep count is 90, think you can do better? Send us a YouTube video link and we'll put you in the Push-up Bar 'Page of Fame'.

Racer X Virtual Trainer

Racer X Virtual Trainer Store

Lineman MX is the sole supplier for the Racer X Virtual Trainer Online Store. Being an official dealer for dozens of companies in the fitness, outdoor, and motocross industry we are able to handle product stocking and distribution for the store.