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Push-up Bar

Push-up Bar



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MX Push Up Bar

Work your balance like never before and increase the strength in your stabilizer muscles.

Core, back, shoulders, chest, arms, and legs all will benefit with this convenient piece of equipment. The Twister Model comes mounted with 360 degree rotating hand grips that will challenge your balance even more. If the free rotating grips are too difficult, it only takes an allen wrench to tighten the clamps and lock the grips in place. It is the best way to do push-ups, as well as perform other balance and core exercises.

Built from steel, the bars will not flex during use. Every serious athlete needs to implement this in their training program! Don’t waste your time doing normal push-ups when exercising on this bar is twice as effective. It comes with instructions on how to do different strength, core, and balance exercises.

Twister Grip Model Shown. Standard Grip Model comes with lock-on style hand grips that will not rotate.

Used at Club MX Training Facility and by other top riders and trainers around the country. Click Here for an article by Club MX.

Lineman MX Products are "white-labeled" for vendors as needed. Standard branding is the Racer X Virtual Trainer Push-up Bar as shown. Contact us if you are interested in selling the MX Push-up Bar.


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